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Order an Overland Pilot

Order an Overland Pilot

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The Paper Roads Pilot top tube bag is a response & solution to the common complaint from many people about cheap, factory-produced versions that flop and fail to secure to the bike. Despite its size, top tube bags are undoubtedly the trickiest of bike bags to design and produce to a quality, highly functional level.

  • Double shockcord & cord lock hook system with extra length to wrap around chunky hardtail frames
  • 12cm high and 24cm long this top tube bag is designed as a large bikepacking bag that looks good as well.
  • 7cm wide at the front and narrows to 5cm at the back to fit various types of top tubes while making use of the space.
  • A narrow 4.5cm wide version is also available, for steel frames or as a rear top tube bag.
  • Holds shape with internal structure
  • Bolt-on is available with 3-sided internal plastic structure
  • For colour selection, see Fabrics & Colours. 
  • Fits on all top tubes


  • $145 each for either width options, pick your own colour panels


Fabrics available include Challenge Sailcloth Ecopak and fabrics from the X-pac range. These are ultra lightweight with DWR coating, imported from the US.

Standard Features

  • Size: 12cm H, 24cm L, 7 to 5cm W, or 4.5cm all around
  • Pick your own colours
  • YKK waterproof zips
  • Inner pocket
  • Shockcord & cord lock hook attachment to stem and frame
  • Cable exit for charging lights & devices
  • Zip garage for colour accent & finishing touch
  • Internal structure in the sides to hold shape when full
  • Padded against top tube to prevent rattling (bolt-on version is supported by
  • Tall end angled at approx 80°

Top Tips

For bikepacking, what you put in your top tube bag is personal preference. Some people eat from it, while others store their repair kits inside. Amy uses an Overland Pilot for bikepacking for its larger size and she uses it to store a jumble of small items that will get lost in a framebag or saddlebag, such as: puncture repair kit, spork, Swiss army knife, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, head torch, bike lube etc.

Care information

  • Do not throw into washing machine or dryer.
  • Scrub with a plastic bristle brush
  • If doing a thorough clean, use Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash and SolarProof.
  • Do not use detergent or softeners
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