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Ranger Bikepacking Harness

Ranger Bikepacking Harness

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STOCK UPDATE: There will be none produced while V3.0 is being prototyped and tested. Whilst V1 and V2 has worked without glitches, V3 aims to improve production efficiency and shave off even more weight!

This is a back-to-basics bikepacking harness to hold a front roll (or two). Price includes a pair of universally popular 32" Voile straps (RRP $24.50 each). This minimalist design balances durability and functionality without making it exclusive to minimalist bikepacking racers. A fibreglass batten is the only structural part in the design that's needed to distribute weight – as long as you pack your front roll stiff like a log. The shape of the harness is designed for the rubbery grip of Voile straps to hold the bag, and the weight all sits on on the fibreglass batten which the straps wrap around.

Suitable on straight bars / Jones bars / other loop bars with about 80mm of stem to hang and suitable wheel clearance.

V1.0 tested in the field for 1400kms on two Renegades Muster races and several other bikepacking events. No movement at all on the roughest of terrains (farm tracks, 42nd Traverse etc), no signs of wear and can carry 2 drybags. Quick to pack.

V2.0 20mm wider to accommodate longer dry rolls (eg: winter sleeping bags, 2-person tents). Hypalon slot panel allow both handlebar straps and Voile straps to wrap around fibreglass batten (supports upward & downward weight). Stiff inner foam structure. Generally more accommodating for the average bikepacker and those not packing minimally.

Compatible with the Hungry Ranger quick access front bag.

  • V2.0: 270mm wide. 
  • V2.0: 290g
  • Spacers provided for cable arrangement between harness and handlebars. 3 x 10mm stacks
  • Harness does not include dry roll
  • Comes with Black Voile straps. Please enquire about swapping to other colours.

*Ultra lightweight & minimalist Ranger Harness: please enquire. Parts can be omitted to suit a racing agenda. These are made-to-order only for those expecting very little material and know what they're doing ;) 

Care information

  • Do not throw into washing machine or dryer.
  • Scrub with a plastic bristle brush
  • If needing a quick clean, soak in cold water with mild detergent
  • If doing a thorough clean, use Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash and SolarProof.
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