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Order Custom Rolls

Order Custom Rolls

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  1. Secure your spot in the queue when you checkout ($0).
  2. Fill out this ORDER FORM to customise your treatbag (full pricing details included).
  3. Pay for your bag & shipping upon completion.

Due to demand for dry rolls of all different sizes with varying requirements, you can now officially order these. Please open the order form in the link above to see your options. By ordering through the form, you'll cover all the bases to work out what exactly you need, what options are on offer and what's not. 

These are made from scratch from measurements you provide, therefore they have a custom job price tag attached. The standard size request is 8–11L. If you have a single 3L roll request, unfortunately the same price will apply. Every roll made individually requires planning, multiple machines, needle and thread set ups. There are multiple processes that isn't just cutting fabric and sewing like the other bags. 

Pre-made rolls using premium Ultra200 fabric are in-stock at 11L & 14L

Using dry rolls

  • Rule of thumb when using any dry bag - never trust it completely if you have items that must not get wet, such as underwear or sleeping bag. Even the best welded dry bag may fail sometime. Pack those things into something like an Ultra-sil Nano dry bag or carry one with you. Water has strange ways of getting into places.
  • Bikepacking dry rolls are not intended for kayaking or pack rafting. It will perform in brief river crossings or submersion.
  • Avoid putting items with sharp or hard edges into the dry roll. The RPET film backing of Challenge Sailcloth's EPLX and Ultra fabrics can wear thin over time.
  • Push as much air out of the bag as you can, before rolling the ends, then tighten compression straps. Compressing the bag with a lot of air inside puts pressure on the seam and waterproof seal.
  • Try to keep the folds facing downwards to avoid water pooling in the rolled ends.

Care Instructions

  • To clean, soak and wash in cold water, scrub with plastic bristle brush.
  • If you have to use a cleaning product, avoid fabric softeners.
  • DO NOT dry clean or tumble dry.
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