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Voile Straps with Strap Keepers

Voile Straps with Strap Keepers

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  • Strap width: 20mm
  • Every strap comes with a strap keeper

Commonly known as ski straps. Voile is imported from the US and has a known reputation for making reliable and durable tough-stretch polyurethane strapping. They are UV resistant and designed for a long outdoor lifespan. Immensely useful for securing bike bags and dry rolls.

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Strapping on a Front Roll?

Be ready to strap up and ride – if you're not yet sure about investing in a Front Harness, or you want to go ultra minimal, then all you need is a pair of Voile straps with foam spacers. The spacers are hard EVA foam, which keeps the straps on your handlebars and gives space to arrange your cables. If you're riding drop bars, off-setting the roll gives your fingers space on the tops.