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3-Point Camera Strap

3-Point Camera Strap

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Combine the camera strap and optional Dyneema pouch for a weatherproof way to wear your camera while riding – keep your camera dry and dust free. Please select a strap AND the All Weather Dyneema Pouch & add to cart.

Secure your camera flat against your back with the magnetic release cross strap – both strap sections are adjustable to fit a range of sizes and heights (if you wear XL, please come to try it on or enquire, just to be sure). 

Release the cross-strap with a tug of the magnetic lock to swing your camera forward for a shot. Clip-in again single-handedly. If you get really good, you don't have to look or stop! 

The additional Dyneema pouch can be quickly pulled over the camera as a dust/splash cover while riding, or rolled up and connected to the strap to wear in adverse weather. The bag is waterproof and seam sealed except for the hole at the bottom where the cross-strap clips onto the tripod screw.

Product has been personally test-ridden for 300km of bikepacking.

Best camera size: 35mm film cameras or similar size. Be your own judge as to whether this strap will hold your camera. The strap was designed for photography on long bike rides, so it's not assumed your camera will be massive - they'll be too heavy to ride with anyways.

How to wear it - Instructions

  1. Unhook both clipped hooks on either ends of the main strap, from the end sections.
  2. You'll now have two short parts with cord loops. These attach to the shoulder strap rings on either sides of your camera (spare rings are attached if you don't have them). Feed a cord loop through one of these rings and pass the rest of the bulk through the loop. Do the same with the other one.
  3. Take the main strap and disconnect the secondary strap by gently tugging on the magnetic clasp.
  4. There is a tripod screw on the end of the secondary strap - insert it to the base of the camera.
  5. For right handers, you'd likely operate the strap and take a photo with your right hand while your left hand is holding the handlebar. So, follow these steps and see if it suits: place the strap over your right shoulder with the Paper Roads logo on your back.
  6. Attach the clipped hook at the front to the right side of the camera (with camera pointing forwards). Then clip in the other hook to the left side.
  7. Wear the camera with the Paper Roads logo on your back, strap on your right shoulder going down to your left waist. The adjustable length is at the front, so make adjustments now.
  8. Reach behind with your right hand and take the secondary strap hanging off the bottom of the camera. Bring it to the front around your right side and clip in the magnetic clasp. Adjust the length to suit and move the swivel clip up or down the ladder if needed. It should sit around your lower right ribcage. The camera can sit centered on your back or towards the left.
  9. If you opted for a Dyneema pouch, simply unhook the camera from the strap and undo the tripod screw. Place the camera inside the pouch, attach the tripod screw through the eyelet at the base of the base, roll down the top and hook the strap onto the pouch.
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