Framebag Template Guide

Local / NZ customers:

(See section below for Overseas orders without sending a template)
  1. Trace your frame onto cardboard, cut it out so that it fits into the frame snugly. For full suspension frames, allow 10mm gap around the suspension –  compress to check the template steers clear of moving parts.
  2. Mark any cable guides (CG), bolts (B) inside, underside & topside and anywhere I should avoid putting a strap.

  3. At various points around your template, mark the width of the frame (some frame tubes taper, some don't). Rough measurements are fine - put a ruler on top & read it straight on.

  4. Write your details on the template (Name, email/Instagram handle, delivery address).
  5. Take a photo of the template in the frame and send it to me (email: or Instagram: @paperroadsaotearoa).
  6. Post or drop off the template to me (central Auckland area). You can fold it to save postage. Delivery/drop off address will be provided after you submit the order form.
  • For half framebags, you can either draw the exact shape you want the bag to be, or mark the position of your water bottles and send me the entire frame cutout and I will make you the largest bag possible to fit around your bottles.
  • If you chose a bottom compartment add-on, mark out the top / bottom split. It can be straight, curved or angled. 

    Overseas customers / rush jobs / save on postage:

    If posting a physical template is too slow or costly, please follow these steps:
    1. Create a cardboard template following the instructions above.
    2. In addition, measure each side of the cardboard template and label. (*See note below)

    3. Tape the template into the frame and take a few good photos – facing front on, not angled left/right, up/down. One photo to show the whole bike and the ground, another photo closer, showing the frame & template clearly. Plus a couple of spare shots.
    4. Email your photos to:

      *Making framebags from photographs is not as accurate as working off a template, however, fabric is forgiving and will absorb any slight discrepancies in angles. It is essential that your measurements of each side of the cardboard is accurate – if your frame has curves, then provide at least two straight lines labelled with its lengths so that the photo can be scaled up to size.
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