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Order a Split Framebag

Order a Split Framebag

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  2. Fill out this ORDER FORM to customise your framebag (full pricing details included).
  3. Pay for your bag & shipping upon completion.

Custom-made, triangular framebags with a removable bottom section. Where the bag is split is up to you. Each bag is made to order. Check the lead time notes at the top of the page or contact me to check whether you'll get a bag made before a certain date. 

Basic Bag Pricing

The basic price of a 2-piece split framebag with one zip compartment in each piece is determined by the size of your bike in this guide.

  • Standard $420
  • Large $430
  • XXL $450

Small size split framebags not available.


Fabrics available include Challenge Sailcloth Ecopak and fabrics from the X-pac range. These are ultra lightweight with DWR coating, imported from the US. You'll be able to choose your fabrics & colours in the Order Form.

Standard split framebag features

  • Top and bottom bags are joined together with an easily removable plastic 'tongue'.
  • It's up to you where you want to split the bag – horizontally, diagonally or at an angle, with a curve in it or a sharp angle over your water bottle. Draw it on your cardboard template, a single line is all you need to indicate it.
  • YKK waterproof zips
  • Framebags can be built to maximum width to take advantage of carrying capacity. Bags can be wider in the middle (~80-90mm wide) than the back along the seat tube, and the nose can flare to a width of 110mm, which is recommended for small frames. Bags for steel frames tend to be less fat, with aesthetics considered.
  • Bright lining
  • Padding around inside of bag against bike frame to prevent rattling
  • Zip garage / mud guard flap over lower zip.
  • Slight cut out in top rear corner to enable you to slide your hand under the frame when lifting your bike
  • Low profile, removable Velcro straps, with PVC reinforcements sewn into each mounting point in the bag.

Custom features

Open the Order Form to see add-on options, colour options & prices. Only submit this order form once you've secured your place in the queue when you checkout.

Care information

  • Do not throw into washing machine or dryer.
  • Scrub with a plastic bristle brush
  • If doing a thorough clean, use Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarWash and SolarProof.
  • Do not use detergent or softeners
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