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Slimline Compression Dry Rolls

Slimline Compression Dry Rolls

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*Product update: now made in the NEW Ultra200X fabric in Gunmetal. The fabric manufacturer, Challenge Sailcloth, has beefed up the construction with an X-ply and 0.75mil inner RUV laminate. 

Ultra light, double ended dry rolls specifically designed for bikepacking to strap into front or rear harnesses. Dry bags that are made for watersports are often ill-fitting as front rolls on bikes and too wide to give enough wheel clearance.

Compression straps are ideal for drop bars - the rolled ends are turned inwards away from your shifters. The compression style was originally designed to be compatible with the Wayward Riders dropper post harness. 

The Ultra200X fabric exceeds the technical properties of other similar weight pack-fabric. At $100 NZD per metre for the fabric, the Slimline Dry Roll is a premium bikepacking product.

Compatible with the Paper Roads Ranger harness.

Please read the disclaimer below.


  • 11L: 90g / 53cm round / 77cm full length / 47cm ideal rolled length with 3-4 folds each end
  • 14L: 105g / 58cm round / 85cm full length / 55cm ideal rolled length with 3-4 folds each end

Materials & Construction

  • Ultra 200X is woven with UHMWPE fibres blended with high tenacity polyester (known as non-branded Dyneema). The face layer withstands 4,400 ATSM 3884 abrasion cycles, backed with a 0.75mil RUV waterproof laminate and sandwiched with a crossply. At 3.9oz/yd, it is the toughest and lightest of all fabrics imported by Paper Roads from Challenge Sailcloth.
  • Ultra200X is impossible to cut with ordinary fabric scissors. It is cut using specialty aramid scissors.
  • The twice-taped, single seam is the final result of many dry bag prototypes using Ultra fabric. One seam with double rolled ends is more waterproof than single-ended bags, by eliminating three extra seams.

Using the dry roll

  • Rule of thumb when using any dry bag - never trust it completely if you have items that must not get wet, such as underwear or sleeping bag. Even the best welded dry bag may fail sometime. Pack those things into something like an Ultra-sil Nano dry bag or carry one with you. Water has strange ways of getting into places.
  • This dry roll is not intended for kayaking or pack rafting. It will perform in brief river crossings or submersion.
  • It's ideal if you can stuff your sleeping bag into a skinny stuff sack and roll your sleeping mat around it, then pack straight into the dry roll.
  • Avoid putting items with sharp or hard edges into the dry roll. The RPET film backing can wear thin over time.
  • Push as much air out of the bag as you can, before rolling the ends, then tighten compression straps. Compressing the bag with a lot of air inside puts pressure on the seam and waterproof seal.
  • Try to keep the folds facing downwards to avoid water pooling in the rolled ends.

Care Instructions

  • To clean, soak and wash in cold water, scrub with plastic bristle brush.
  • If you have to use a cleaning product, avoid fabric softeners.
  • DO NOT IRON. Ultra fabric is extremely sensitive to direct heat and will shrink.
  • DO NOT dry clean or tumble dry.


With the many variables in bikepacking conditions, bike setups and varying items that may be packed into a dry roll, Paper Roads does not take responsibility for puncture damage for this product. It is your responsibility to ensure the bag is not rubbing on sharp protruding parts and that there are no sharp objects or things with rough edges packed into it. If you find puncture damage, please trace back to the cause of it if you'd like to contact Paper Roads. One example was a bag that had been tied to a pannier rack, rubbing on a metal strut that had been roughly sawn off.

There is risk involved in using ultra-light fabrics and they do not last forever. If this concerns you, you may be looking at using a tougher but heavy bag made from TPU, similar to what's used for pack rafting.

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