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There's only one woman behind Paper Roads and that's me, Amy. I got reacquainted with the sewing machine after a 10 year hiatus during which I became a set designer and a graphic designer, working in both industries in Australia and NZ. In the beginning of my career I also got into cycling then Audax randonneuring then bikepacking, completing the Tour Aotearoa in 2018, Kopiko Aotearoa in 2021, an unsuccessful attempt at the Renegades Muster in 2022 and a handful of local bikepacking events. The sewing background comes from the costume design side of my Events Design Diploma, an uncompleted Fashion Design Degree and taking Textiles and Design throughout all of high school. I never had a flair for soft fabrics and preferred structural design, which comes together perfectly when designing and making bags.

If you want to hear me talk about how fun bikepacking is (in retrospect, always), watch Kopiko, filmed by Deane Parker and Dylan Gerschwitz.

I work out of my home workshop and is equipped with an industrial walking foot straight sewer, industrial cylinder arm binder and a heavy duty desktop machine.